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Beale Boats Ltd provides boat designs ranging from 6 to 25 metres in a wide range of styles and materials.   

From modern, fast racing sloops built of the latest high-tech materials to high performance cruising yachts (including steel yachts) and power cruisers, Beale Boats Ltd designs offer safety with speed.             

Our cruising designs provide such spacious comfort with matching performance and ease of handling that three different clients have named their boats variations of “Unbelievable”.

Designs can be specified in any modern or traditional building medium.


The designer, 
Raymond Beale, 
showing how to relax on a BEALE BOAT after another successful dive.

Ray Beale of Beale Boats Ltd is one of New Zealands most versatile and prolific designers.  

Ray, who grew up in Auckland ( home of The America’s Cup), has been sailing competitively and for pleasure for 50 years becoming a champion of several dinghy and keel yacht classes and still successfully competes today in Laser competition.  

The experience and knowledge gained from a lifetime in New Zealand’s marine industry has produced revolutionary space, looks and performance in the modern, trendsetting yachts and power launches designed by Ray Beale.

Extensive off-shore experience (cruising and racing), 20 years of professional boat building combined with 20 years of designing yachts and launches give him an unsurpassed breadth of understanding of all boating aspects.   

His comprehensive training in traditional design and building methods, as well as wide experience using modern glass technology combined with the CAD design computer technology, has resulted in designs of distinction that fulfil their owners' requirements perfectly.      Beale designs are sought after and fetch some of the highest resale prices on the discerning New Zealand market.

Ray Beale is an acknowledged expert in the Marine Survey Field.


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